The Secrets of Power Politicking

by Howard Jackson


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This book illustrates how to condition yourself to develop magnetic levels of charisma, persuasion power, be an outstanding role model - leader and over come fear of rejection and failure without compromising your moral or ethical values.

People who practice power politicking use magnetic charisma, persuasion power, vision and goal setting to get the important things they really want from life when it absolutely has to get done without compromising moral or ethical values. They are outstanding role models in the process.

This book will make a major positive impact on politicians, judges, teachers, sales people, students, parents, children, doctors, nurses, law enforcement and anyone who needs these skills. It is intended for people who realize that basic skill alone is not enough to get to the top.

It is organized so that concepts, principles and guidelines presented will have an immediate, medium and long term positive impact on the person who wants to practice power politics regardless of whatever walk of live they are in. This book also illustrates how someone could be using these concepts, principles and guidelines to influence you.

About the Author

Howard Jackson is a real estate executive, national speaker, informal success coach, and author of the following books