Universal Theory

A Model for the Theory of Everything

by Mohsen Kermanshahi


Author website: http://www.universaltheory.org
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The intention of this work is to inform the non-specialist and the curious, who are intrigued by finding deeper understandings of our existence. With a clear, easily comprehensible and non-technical language, Universal Theory invites the layperson to join in the most exciting non-fictional adventure. It also welcomes the scientists who have reached roadblocks in their investigations and are willing to take a leap into the unexplored and often avoided areas of study. Universal Theory follows quantum mechanics' lead to challenge the boundaries between known physics and the unknown realm.

"A new way of thinking or change in perspective may be needed to achieve a Theory of Everything and a true understanding of reality. Mohsen Kermanshashi has done an outstanding job in providing that new insight. Universal Theory is clearly written, thought-provoking, and fun to read. Highly recommended." Robert Armstrong, TOE Quest Editor