Introduction to Transport Economics

Demand, Cost, Pricing, and Adoption

by David J. Spurling



Introduction to Transport Economics looks at the different modes of transport and investigates the past and present influences on their behaviour. The author's experience of teaching and working in the industry has led him to believe that it is difficult to understand the present without some knowledge of the past. He discusses the future of transport; in the light of climate change and likely fossil fuel shortages, it is important to have a clear idea of what we wish to achieve with a transport system. Also included are a chapter on developing countries, as well as a chapter about international transport as a whole.

Too often transport has been a political shuttlecock without any long-term vision. Part of the aim of this book is to enable people who read it to have a greater idea of what the industry is about. The author carefully scrutinises the ways in which government has influenced transport policy, as well as the control of the transport industry. The book also includes questions and specimen answers, since for many students it is difficult to know how to start writing essays.

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About the Author

David Spurling, B.Sc, P.G.C.E, D.G.A, F.C.I.L.T., is founder of Learning Through Cooperation College in Nairobi, Kenya, which has achieved very good professional exam results. He has written many textbooks and has been both an economics and statistics examiner. He worked for British Rail and the Ministry of Transport and was also Senior lecturer in transport economics at what is now Birmingham City University.