Global Practices of Language Teaching

Proceedings of the 2008 International Online Language Conference (IOLC 2008)

by Azadeh Shafaei and Mehran Nejati (Eds.)


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The first International Online Language Conference was successfully held in September 2008. This event invited professors, Masters and Ph.D. students, and academicians from around the world to submit papers in areas related to the conference theme. The event was organized by International Online Knowledge Service Provider (IOKSP).

The main conference objectives were as follows: to provide a platform for language educators, academicians, and researchers from diverse cultural backgrounds to exchange ideas and the best practices for effective language teaching and learning; to promote better understanding of cultural diversity in language learning; to encourage language educators to be involved in the research process in order to achieve comprehensive excellence; and to produce a collection of scholarly papers.

About The Author

Azadeh Shafaei is an Iranian researcher. She has had various papers published in international conferences and journals. She is currently completing an M.A. in TESL/TEFL at the Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM).
Mehran Nejati is a member of the ALA Excellence Consulting Group and PKCOE. He is completing a Ph.D. in Management at the Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM).