Leadership Paradigms in Chaplaincy

by Joel Curtis Graves


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This dissertation argues that business people, clergy, lay persons, and many chaplains do not understand the leadership and management dynamics of chaplaincy, and this lack of knowledge has a direct impact on how chaplaincy is done and not done in certain areas.

In chaplaincy and many churches, leadership, management, and ministry have a synergistic effect when they come together in response to a problem or crisis. An understanding of chaplaincy dynamics, scope, methods, possibilities, and issues in relation to this effect is vital to this growing field in four areas: Helps prepare people for ministry as chaplains, whether clergy or lay; benefits those already in chaplaincy ministry; helps clergy reexamine their ministry to determine if they are where God wants them; serves to teach everyone, including upper-level management and senior church leaders of the roles, actual or potential, that chaplains can fill in response to the growing needs of people.

About the Author

Joel Graves attended Trinity Episcopal School for Ministry but completed seminary with his Master of Divinity at Faith Evangelical Lutheran Seminary. Joel is an APC board certified chaplain and resides with his wife, Rena, in Lacey, Washington.