Principles of Arbitration Law

by Kenneth K. Mwenda


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The book examines principles of arbitration law as they apply to many common law and civil law jurisdictions. In many countries, the use of alternative dispute resolution to resolve matters in areas relating to, say, foreign direct investment and industrial unrest has been heralded by many as a cost-effective way of settling disputes. Chapters in the book cover, among other things: the efficacy of the legal framework for arbitration in Zambia under the Arbitration Act 1933; the efficacy of the legal framework for arbitration under Zambia's Arbitration Act 2000; aspects of international law applicable to the legal framework for arbitration; and efforts to develop international and regional frameworks for arbitration.

Other books by this author include: Banking Supervision and Systemac Bank Restructuring: An International and Comparative Legal Perspective, (2000); Zambia's Stock Exchange and Privatisation Programme: Corporate Finance Law in Emerging Markets, (2001); The Dynamics of Market Integration: African Stock Exchanges in the New Millennium (2000); Contemporary Issues in Corporate Finance and Investment Law (2000); Legal Aspects of Corporate Capital and Finance, (1999); and, Banking and Microfinance Regulations and Supervision: Lessons from Zambia, (2002).

About the Author

Kenneth Kaoma Mwenda, LL.B, BCL, MBA, PhD, DBA, FCI, FRSA, Rhodes Scholar, Advocate of the High Court for Zambia, formerly Law Lecturer in the University of Warwick (UK), is currently with the World Bank, Washington DC, USA.