The Celtic Encyclopedia, Vol V

by Harry Mountain


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The book concentrates on the cultures that arose in Europe after the dispersal of the Aryan-speaking people from their homeland north of the Black Sea during BC 4th millenium.

Relying on mythology, history and archeology the author has traced the development and movements of the "Q-Celt" and "P-Celt" speaking peoples of Europe and Asia Minor. The time span covers from BC 3rd millenium to the Roman occupation of Celtic Europe. The emphasis is on the Bronze and Iron Ages. The result is a comprehensive overview of the people we have come to call the Celts.

The work uses a clear language style and is organized as an encyclopedia for easy reference. Over 50 sub-cultures, 260 tribes and 1000 characters (dieties, heroes, warriors, etc.) are listed alphabetically, with separate chapters describing religious practices, customs, social structure, etc. as well as relevant museum collections and sites of interest.

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