Old Age is a Terminal Illness

How I Learned to Age Gracefully and Conquer My Fear of Dying

by Alma H. Bond, Ph.D.


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Dr. Alma Bond provides insight into one of the greatest challenges of life: conquering the fear of death. Using her own experiences with the deaths of loved ones, Dr. Bond constructed a Old Age is a Terminal Illness in a style similar to Sigmund Freud's Interpretation of Dreams in order to overcome her fear of death. As a published author, Dr. Bond's goal is to pass her experiences on to all those who need to conquer the same fear in order to live the rest of their lives to the fullest.

About the Author

Dr. Alma Bond has been a private practice psychoanalyst for 37 years. She's published 12 books, which include "Tales of Psychology: Short Stories to Make You Wise," "Who Killed Virginia Woolf? a Psychobiography," "Is There Life After Analysis?" and "Camille Caludel, a Novel."