Understanding Radiation Science

Basic Nuclear and Health Physics

by James Mannie Shuler



The purpose of Understanding Radiation Science: Basic Nuclear and Health Physics is to provide the reader a basic understanding of radiation science. Therefore, basic nuclear physics and health physics principles are presented through chapters on atomic structure, types of radiation, terminology and units, radiation biology, exposure and controls, background radiation, personnel monitoring, and radiation instrumentation. The book concludes with chapters on historical events and definitions. This book provides introductory information for students starting their education in nuclear physics, health physics and nuclear engineering. The material covered in this book is appropriate for all types of radiation workers. Persons studying to take the health physics certification exam, radiation protection technologist exam, or the certifying examinations to become radiologic technologists, radiation therapy technologists, ultrasound technologists, or nuclear medicine technologists will find this information most useful.

About the Author

Dr. Shuler has over 30 years experience as a health physicist working with and handling radioactive materials in the private sector and federal government. He has worked at nuclear fuel reprocessing plants, a uranium hexafluoride facility, a low-level radioactive waste disposal site, nuclear power plants and numerous federal nuclear sites and facilities. He has conducted radiological inspections at over 1700 facilities.