Your Expat, Study Abroad, and Vacation Survival Manual in The Land of Frogs

by Doug & Cindi Bower


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Living in the city of Guanajuato is nothing like living the Gringo Landias or Gringo Gulches of San Miguel de Allende or Puerto Vallarta. No information exists in book form to guide the potential expat to a new life in central Mexico. Expatriating to Guanajuato is different and unique. Unlike San Miguel de Allende or Puerto Vallarta, there is not a huge gringo community here that acts as a support buffer for “newbies”. Nor is English as widely spoken as it is in other areas where expats live. Doug and Cindi Bower spell out the differences between living in Guanajuato and living in other areas where expats have traditionally congregated. They offer a survival manual for the potential expat.

About the Author

Doug Bower is a freelance writer, Syndicated Columnist, and book author. His most recent writing credits include The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, The Houston Chronicle, The Philadelphia Inquirer, Associated Content, Transitions Abroad, International Living, Escape Artist, and The Front Porch Syndicate. He is a columnist with The American Chronicle and more than 21 additional online magazines. He is also a writer with where his articles have been syndicated in more than 840 online publications. His article and column writing is a major platform from which to publicize his books. He is co-author of The Plain Truth about Living in Mexico (, Guanajuato Expatriation Guide, You Can Learn Spanish No Matter Your Age or Disposition, and Blogging South of the Border: Notes from a so-called Third-World Country. He lives with his wife in Guanajuato, Mexico.