New Skins for Old Wine

Plato's Wisdom for Today's World

by Stephen C. Lovatt


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Most books of spirituality are far removed from intellectual rigor, and most books of philosophy are as dry as old bones. This volume seeks to bridge the gap. The author invites his readers to view the modern world through philosophical eyes as he relates Plato's words to issues such as friendship, human -rights, education, sexuality, bio-ethics and politics. Plato's words are quoted throughout the text; along with those of other thinkers such as Origen, Aquinas, King Charles I of England, Neitzche, Popper, Benedict XVI, and even Voldemort - the villain of the Harry Potter books.

About the Author

Stephen Lovatt obtained a BA in Natural Sciences from Cambridge University in 1976. After a career in the electronics industry, he returned to academic studies at Bristol University, where he carried out research in scattering theory and relativistic quantum mechanics. He received his PhD in 1993. He then conducted post-doctoral research in Density Functional Theory and the physics of semiconductor devices. In 2002 he began two years of teacher training, after which he was appointed a lecturer at the Army School of Electrical and Aeronautical Engineering. At the time of writing, he works as an electronics engineer in Hampshire.