The Fine Art of Executive Protection

Handbook for the Executive Protection Officer

by A. Hunsicker



The number of incidents and crimes carried out by terrorists and criminals, such as physical threats, violent attacks, assassinations, kidnapping and hostage situations are increasing by the minute worldwide. Each incident is a constant and ever demanding challenge to the law enforcement and the personal security professionals in particular. A detailed, but understandable manual for the Executive Protection Officer is a priority and the answer to those challenging situations. The Fine Art of Executive Protection is a detailed, but understandable manual for the Executive Protection Officer providing answers to those challenging situations.

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About the Author

Mr. Hunsicker is a Security Enforcement and Personal Protection Specialist with more than 20 years of professional experience in the fields of physical security and close protection; namely threat and risk management, dignitary protection, advisory and coordination for physical security.

He served as security coordinator and dignitary protection adviser in Asia, Europe and the United States. His assignments included clients of the private and corporate sector, celebrities, governmental entities and NGOs. He also frequently accepted pro bono assignments as consultant to educational and humanitarian entities.

Over the years, he played a vital role in the training, planning and organization of security enforcement units and training facilities of international, private and corporate clients.

He was the founder of an international security agency, which later expanded into an institute for international security studies, with a special department for counter-terrorism studies.

He held membership of the Airborne Law Enforcement Association and the International Counter Terrorism Officers Association,and he is actively associated with the Counter Terrorism Study Unit of ISEA,German Military Police Association and the Diplomatic and Executive Protection Officers Association. His affiliations extend to humanitarian organizations such the IRC-RC,UNICEF,UNDP,UNA,SMHOM,the Hereditary Knights Templars of Britannia and the Royal British Legion among others.