Knowledge Management in Police Oversight

Law Enforcement Integrity and Accountability

by Petter Gottschalk


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Police oversight agencies are citizens' watchdog organizations designed to ensure that the police are operating with integrity and accountability. Integrity is defined as the quality of being honest and morally upright. Accountability refers to situations in which someone is required or expected to justify actions or decisions. Based on integrity and accountability challenges in police forces all over the world, this book discusses the roles and methods of police oversight agencies. Knowledge management in police oversight is presented by identifying knowledge categories and knowledge management systems. A model for police oversight performance is developed in the book, and the model is applied to an oversight agency as a case study.

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About the Author

Petter Gottschalk is Professor of Knowledge Management in the Department of Leadership and Organization at the Norwegian School of Management in Oslo, Norway. He also lectures knowledge management at the Norwegian Police University College. Dr Gottschalk received his education at the Technical University of Berlin (Germany), Dartmouth College and MIT (USA), and Brunel University (UK). He has been the CEO of several companies including ABB Datacables Inc., and he has published extensively on police management and organized crime.