Across the Pacific

From Ancient Asia to Precolombian America

by Christian Lemoy


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In former times, even more than today, climatic changes had major influences on migratory flows, and consequently on ancient agrarian civilizations, leading to deep economic, social, political and religious chaos, history that we should meditate today to decide our future.

This original book insists on the importance of the El Niņo climatic phenomenon on the trans-Pacific migratory flows which occurred 5000 years ago, and presents comparisons between cultures and civilizations which existed on both sides of the Pacific, in Asia and America, in comparable epochs.

Travelers who want to discover pre-Colombian America or ancient Asia, whether they are lovers of archeological sites or passionate about the cultural heirs of old civilizations, will be fascinated by the innovating content of this book. The integration of the latest discoveries in paleo-climatology, anthropology, genetic and even linguistic research, sheds a new light on very old inter-relations between Asia and pre-Colombian America... across the Pacific.

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About the Author

Christian Lemoy has a Ph.D. in geology and a passion for archaeology and ethnology. He has traveled, worked, and lived all over the world.