The Final Theory

Rethinking Our Scientific Legacy (Second Edition)

by Mark McCutcheon


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Our search for ultimate understanding --- the Theory of Everything -- has long been the quest of such great scientists as Aristotle, Newton, Einstein, Hawking and many others, and is expected to transform science, providing clarity and understanding that is unknown today, ideally via one single overlooked principle in nature. So far, this quest has produced theories such as Special Relativity, General Relativity and Quantum Mechanics, and such recent proposals as "Dark Matter" and "Dark Energy" in cosmology. Yet these all suffer serious internal problems and compatibility issues with each other, introducing even more questions, mysteries and paradoxes -- and often even violations of our laws of physics upon closer examination. As a result, the Theory of Everything continues to elude us, leaving a fractured and divided scientific community with no clear direction forward.

The Final Theory shows why this is occurring, exposing centuries of well-intentioned but ultimately misguided scientific thought, and showing that the various known energy phenomena around us are actually the manifestation of a single unifying scientific principle that we have overlooked or misunderstood for centuries. This new principle explains and unites all known phenomena, such as gravity, light, electricity, magnetism and atomic structure, replacing many of today's theories and beliefs with this single scientific principle -- a true candidate for the final Theory of Everything that demystifies and explains our world!

New in the 2010 edition:

* 25% new and extended material
* Analysis of the logical fallacies behind many of our current theories and beliefs
* Simple experiments exposing current flaws and supporting the new principle
* Important new sections on General Relativity, the Crisis in Cosmology and more

The Final Theory is a critically important account of the state of today's science, and the next likely way forward.

About the Author

Mark McCutcheon is a Canadian-born Electrical Engineer and science enthusiast who has always remained keenly aware that there are many mysteries and unanswered questions in our inherited science legacy - an awareness that has culminated in The Final Theory.