Behind the Shield

Anti-Riot Operations Guide

by A. Hunsicker


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The worldwide number of incidents involving civil disturbances, public unrests, demonstrations, uprisings, and riots is increasing by the minute. Each incident presents an ever-demanding challenge for law enforcement and security professionals. A detailed and understandable manual for security enforcement and riot control professionals is a priority, and the answer to those challenging situations.

Any professional actively, directly, or indirectly engaged in crowd control operations, novice or veteran, whether in a unit or as team leader, must train for and be able to pinpoint even the most unexpected security concerns. Behind the Shield contains carefully selected and illustrated material for the crowd control, law enforcement, and security professional. All of the available training and study material, individual case studies, and real scenarios, combined with professional experience, serve as the foundation for this specialistís manual. Comprehensive, detailed, and straightforward, Behind the Shield is the only book to offer an in-depth look into the operational aspects of crowd control operations. It guides the reader through a diversity of advanced disciplines and skills, and contains all the necessary ingredients for effective crowd control planning and operations.

Information about every aspect of crowd control operations is not only an important part of the professionalís ongoing training curriculum, but is also crucial for those officials who seek a professional operation and solution, facing not only todayís security needs, but also those of the future.

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About the Author

A. Hunsicker is a Security Enforcement and Personal Protection Specialist with more than 20 years of professional experience in the fields of physical security and close protection, namely threat and risk management, dignitary protection, advisory and coordination for physical security.