On Coaching Football

A Resource and Guide for Coaches

by Thomas A. Dean with Paul J. Emrick


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On Coaching Football: A Resource and Guide for Coaches is intended for coaches and aspiring coaches at any competitive level of football. The book is actually a checklist that a coaching staff can use to develop a football program. The reader will be exposed to a systematic, comprehensive, and flexible approach to the three facets of the game: offense, defense and special teams. This book is an indispensable part of any coach's library because it describes the year-round commitment that is required to establish and maintain a quality, success-oriented football program in a competitive playing environment. The reader is counseled on subjects that range from the job interview, to game day management, to off-field and on-field pre-season activities.


Former William Penn football coach writes a how-to book
By PAUL VIGNA, The Patriot-News

“ON COACHING FOOTBALL is a sound, practical and valuable book that coaches and players should have in their library as a resource to use year-round.”
Mark Brunell, Head Coach of The Episcopal School of Jacksonville (FL) and former NFL Quarterback.

“I felt that I had a good idea of the fundamentals of my position, but this is a surprisingly informative manual that not only reinforces many of my thoughts and beliefs, but most importantly, it provides a framework for improving our already successful program.”
Dave Hess, Head Football Coach, Selinsgrove Area High School, and 2008 / 2009 AP Pennsylvania AAA Coach of the Year.

“ON COACHING FOOTBALL is a book that covers so many things that a high school FB coach has to deal with. A very valuable resource for fundamentals all the way to the organization of a successful program.”
Corky Rogers, Head Football Coach, The Bolles School – Jacksonville (FL).

“Technique will help offset size and superior athletic ability of an opposing player or team. This aspect is especially indicative of his (Coach Dean’s) approach to coaching football. Without hesitation, I would recommend this book.”
Frank Acocella, Ed.D. Former Head Coach, and Athletic Director – High School, Prep School, College.

“ON COACHING FOOTBALL offers a well organized, instructional and inclusive look into the role of a high school football coach as leader, teacher and facilitator. The sequence of topics is very well thought out and logical, the presentation and explanations are easily read and understood and the illustrations are extremely helpful.”
Coach Frank Rocco, Retired

“As I read, I was reminded of the many things about coaching I learned the ‘Hard Way’. The hard way does one thing – it provides lessons never forgotten. However, many could have been learned (and retained) with less tribulation. ON COACHING FOOTBALL is a good guide.”
Coach John Schonewolf, Retired

“To me, the beauty of the book is that it can be read and re-read countless times as a reference. What is laid forth will never go out of style.”
Jim Campbell, a former player under Coach Dean and the author of numerous books; among them are: THE GOLDEN YEARS OF PRO FOOTBALL and SNYDER COUNTY’S SPORTS HERITAGE (PA).

"What Coach Tom Dean has done is write a book that will be an invaluable asset to anyone coaching, anyone thinking about coaching, anyone playing the game who wants a better understanding of the game. In a step-by-step format, Coach Dean has spelled out the specifics of what it takes to be a successful coach—at any level.

When I first learned of what Coach Dean and one of his former players—Paul 'Pete' Emrick—were working on, I thought of it as 'coaching coaches to coach.' As it turned out, that’s exactly what has taken place.

The book is very well organized and laid out. Any subject that is pertinent to coaching and organizing a team—from the 'developmental' level to high school and college—is covered in great detail and in easy to understand and apply language.

Coach Dean has 'covered the waterfront,' so to speak. In On Coaching Football: A Resource and Guide for Coaches, all aspects of the game are dealt with—from the employment interview to organizing practices, to game-day coaching, to after-game debriefing, and much more. Nothing is left to chance, which is the way Coach Dean prepared for 50 years in the sport as a player and coach. Broken down in position-by-position instruction, any questions a coach or player might have are answered— some with easy-to-read diagrams, some with exceptionally clear photographs, and some in easy-to-comprehend language.

To me, the beauty of the book is that it can be kept and re-read countless times as a reference. What is laid forth will never go out of style. Tom Dean, an inductee of the Pennsylvania High School Football Coaches Hall of Fame, comes through as an author as he did as a highly successful coach—innovative, detail oriented, and understandable. Whatever the reader’s interest in football is, he or she will find a thorough road map to follow with this book."
Jim Campbell, a former player under Coach Dean

About the Author

Coach Thomas Dean has over 50 years of experience as a player and head coach. He received the NCAA Centennial Award, is a member of the Bucknell University Players Hall of Fame, the Pennsylvania and New Jersey Coaches Hall of Fame and is a three-time New Jersey Group IV Football Coach of the Year. Coach Dean resides in Silver Spring, MD.

Paul (a.k.a. Pete) Emrick played for Coach Dean at the former William Penn High School in Harrisburg, PA. He was a three-year varsity letter winner at Juniata College and a member of their undefeated football teams in 1957 and 1958. He lives in Orange Park, FL with his wife, Nancy.