Linguistic Ties between Ancient Egyptian and Bantu

Uncovering Symbiotic Affinities and Relationships in Vocabulary

by Fergus Sharman


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This book provides a unique perspective on the linguistic relationships between the Ancient Egyptian and Bantu languages of East/Central/Southern Africa.

It will be of interest to readers of Egyptology, linguists, students, and the wider public who wish to find out more about the structure of the Ancient Egyptian language and how it connects with other languages, particularly with Bantu languages.

The subject matter is different from other books as it examines the etymology of words, together with their sound/meaning relationships and shows by using verifiable hieroglyphic forms how Ancient Egyptian words may be pronounced by inserting Bantu vowels which fit the meanings derived from the skeletal templates of consonants in the Ancient Egyptian language.

About the Author

Fergus Sharman is an independent researcher in Egyptology and Bantu languages. He is the founder of The Kiswahili-Bantu Research Unit For The Advancement Of The Ancient Egyptian Language and maintains a website with the latest research in the field.