Instrumentation and Measurement in Electrical Engineering

by Roman Malaric


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The inclusion of an electrical measurement course in the undergraduate curriculum of electrical engineering is important in forming the technical and scientific knowledge of future electrical engineers. This book explains the basic measurement techniques, instruments, and methods used in everyday practice. It covers in detail both analogue and digital instruments, measurements errors and uncertainty, instrument transformers, bridges, amplifiers, oscilloscopes, data acquisition, sensors, instrument controls and measurement systems. The reader will learn how to apply the most appropriate measurement method and instrument for a particular application, and how to assemble the measurement system from physical quantity to the digital data in a computer. The book is primarily intended to cover all necessary topics of instrumentation and measurement for students of electrical engineering, but can also serve as a reference for engineers and practitioners to expand or refresh their knowledge in this field.


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About the Author

Roman Malaric, Ph.D., is an associate professor at Zagreb University, Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing, Department of EE Basics and Measurement, where his primary interest is development of precise measurement methods for electrical quantities, and the automatization of measurement methods by computers and virtual instrumentation. Dr. Malaric has written more than 50 scientific articles for conferences, along with 15 articles published in scientific journals.