International Journal of Management and Transformation

Vol.5, No.2

by Siddhartha Sarkar


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1. Optimal Ordering Policy for Deteriorating Items in Response to a Temporary Price Discount Linked to Order Quantity and Stock-dependent Demand
by Nita H. Shah

2. Perception of Customers towards the Marketing Strategies Adopted by Indian Banks
by Uma Rani T.S et al.

3. Will the Indian Customers Consider A Shift in Banking Services to Islamic Banking? A Study in Mumbai
by Dinesh D. Harsolekar & Svetlana Tatuskar

4.Organized Apparel Retailing Forecast in Indian Context for 2011-2016
by Ayan Chattopadhyay

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About the Journal: ISSN 0974-3502
The driving force behind the cluster effort for a biannual peer-reviewed International Journal of Management and Transformation (IJMT) is in search of better perceptive of management-transformation-development policy linkages. The journal is designed within a distinctive, interdisciplinary focus on the interrelationships between policies, planning and process of development of different aspects of management thoughts in the context of global, regional and local change and transition, which are due to concern for the interaction of macro development strategies and structure, and processes at the meso and micro levels.

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