Murders without Bodies

The Case Files of America's Top "No Body" Homicide Prosecutor

by Robert J. Sullivan, Ph.D.


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Each and every year, thousands of people go missing, over one-third of them are victims of murder, and their bodies are never recovered. These cases are seldom investigated, much less prosecuted due to lack of evidence and lack of resolve by prosecutors. This book takes a deep dive into actual investigations and prosecutions of murders without bodies and is intended for those with interest in criminal investigation and risky prosecutions. The reader will learn the complexities of evidence identification, witness testimony, forensics, legal maneuvering, courtroom tactics, and the psychology of jury selection. Though many books are written about murder investigation, this book is unique as it delves into six actual real-life cases from the initial missing person report through the murder investigation and ultimate prosecution of the killer.

The book chronicles the work of America's top no-body murder prosecutor Cass Castillo. This passionate prosecutor has dedicated his career to taking on the cases other prosecutors shun due to the unwritten rule of "No body, no crime." Castillo has successfully prosecuted more bodiless homicides than any other prosecutor in the United States and has been called the "Man who returns a voice to the voiceless." Castillo's case files, investigator's reports and interviews provide the foundation for this compelling and suspenseful compilation of Castillo's most significant works.

The book concludes with a very insightful chapter on the psychological issues surrounding what makes a good juror. Jurors are the ultimate decision-makers, and having the ability to assess that person's bias, personality, and demeanor is key to a prosecutor's success. In Castillo's own words, he describes the character and psychological analyses he conducts on each potential juror and what drives his decisions on whether to accept or reject, that prospective juror.


A riveting, compelling and engaging exploration of cold case homicides. These are the real stories written by a talented author who will grip you and leave you yearning for more.
--Dr. Christine Sereni-Massinger, Professor of Graduate Criminal Justice, former prosecutor, retired District Judge.

Telling the compelling story of a smart, valiant and creative prosecutor also tells the stories of dedicated and persistent law enforcement officers who investigated the cases that Cass Castillo so ably prosecuted. Himself a respected career law enforcement officer, Robert Sullivan has woven together a series of stories that take the reader inside each investigation, from early, sometimes fragmented clues, to the drama of courtroom trials that bring justice to victims and families. I highly recommend this to readers who want to learn more about investigations and trials, as well as experienced law enforcement personnel who gain knowledge from shared experiences.
--Peter R. Wubbenhorst, J.D. Professor Emeritus, retired FBI Supervisory Special Agent, Washington DC Headquarters

About the Author

Dr. Robert J. Sullivan is a thirty-year veteran of policing in Central Florida spending the majority of that time as a detective, detective sergeant, and finally retiring as captain of detectives. He has worked homicide investigations from an undercover perspective wherein he has sought leads through covert means. He has served as a traditional homicide investigator seeking physical, circumstantial, and oral evidence, and he also worked as a forensic detective with expert experience in blood spatter and fingerprint sciences. Dr. Sullivan also served as the director of forensics at his agency. Upon retirement, Dr. Sullivan joined the faculty at Saint Leo University, Saint Leo, FL, as a professor of criminal justice. In addition to the multiple investigative courses taught, Dr. Sullivan has a Ph.D. in Business Administration w/Specialization in Criminal Justice Leadership and teaches the cold case homicide course wherein students review an actual cold case provided to them from area law enforcement agencies.