Governance for Nonprofits

A Board of Directors Guide to a Profitable Not-for-Profit Corporation

by Ted E DeGroot


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Nonprofit governance is like sports officiating. Umpires and referees don't play the game. They manage the game. That's what governance does for a nonprofit organization. People assigned to governance oversee how the organization is managed and work to make the entire business as effective as possible.

Governance for Nonprofits itemizes the duties of governance, explains what a nonprofit organization needs to successfully accomplish its Mission Statement and provides the road map to an ongoing, smoothly operating, profitable, not-for-profit organization.

Governance for Nonprofits does this by:

* Explaining the purpose and role of governance in a nonprofit corporation
* Defining the duties of board members and board officers
* Showing how to be an effective member of a board of directors
* Examining the purpose and limitations of boards of directors
* Looking at the role of the board in major decision making
* Explaining fund-raising from a management perspective
* Walking the reader through the major steps of becoming a nonprofit
* Offering real-life samples of important nonprofit documents
* Making suggestions regarding term-limits
* Explaining the elements and importance of bylaws
* Illustrating the differences between managing a small, medium or large nonprofit
* Explaining various types of nonprofit boards
* Discussing the role and value of committees
* Looking at the impact of ethics in nonprofit operations
* Explaining how to analyze the effectiveness of a board of directors
* Including an introduction to IRS reporting Form 990
* Demonstrating the importance of succession planning
* Examining the tools available to help a board function at a high level of competence
* And a whole lot more.

Governance for Nonprofits is a basic tool that should be in the arsenal of every person that sits on a board of directors and every member of a nonprofit staff that deals with the challenges of making a not-for-profit organization successful.


All of us have served and led several boards of directors and served many non-profits in our communities. So, it is easy for us to understandably assume "we've been there, done that and know all." But, Ted DeGroot’s new book comfortably assures us we do because it thoroughly and compressively includes it "all." Ted is very experienced and thoroug. His book, IMO, is a must for all of us currently engaged in non-profit governance and a great reference for future service.
--Mike Reagen, past Executive Director of the Naples Chamber of Commerce

A sorely needed book for nonprofit organizations. It covers every aspect of either forming or participating in a nonprofit. This is a must read because it is not only a guide but also a reference for all thinking about forming or operating a nonprofit.
--Lt. Col Robert S. Slater (Ret.) US Air Force
President, Community Development District 1, Collier County, Florida

This is a great resource for senior non-profit managers and board members who are searching for the details of nonprofit governance.
--Don R. Pember, Ph.D. Professor Emeritus, School of Communications, University of Washington
Author of Mass Media Law, Mass Media in America, Privacy and the Press

This book tackles governance and makes this dry subject actually interesting! No matter what the size of the community, or what community a nonprofit serves, this book focuses on every aspect of nonprofit operation!
--Donna Fiala, County Commissioner , Collier County, Florida (Ret.)
Columnist, Civic Activist

Extremely well organized as a guide or quick reference. I highly recommend this clear and easily read manual to anyone involved in any way with a nonprofit organization.
--Michael S. Walker, Ph.D.
Physicist and author of Quantum Fuzz

Ted DeGroot shares his extensive knowledge and expertise in this comprehensive guide to governance for nonprofit organizations. The many examples and analogies help the reader absorb this complex subject by putting the information into context. It's a must-read for Board members and nonprofit executives who want to understand nonprofit governance in depth and bring their nonprofit organizations to new heights of success.
--Sheryl Soukup CFRE, President, Soukup Strategic Solutions
Expertise in Fundraising and Nonprofit Management

About the Author

Ted DeGroot is a veteran of over two dozen for-profit and nonprofit boards of directors, frequently in a board leadership position. Governance for Nonprofits is the result of over four decades of studying boards of directors operations and noting what makes some boards highly successful and some not so.
DeGroot is a native of Michigan and a graduate of Michigan State University. He currently lives and works in Naples, Florida.