International Journal of Mainstream Social Science

Vol.5, Nos.1-2

by Siddhartha Sarkar (series editor)


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1.The Il Chamus of North Central Kenya and their Commitment to Female Circumcision
by Beneah M. Mutsotso

2. The Understanding of Probability in the Iraqi Culture
by Saad Darwish

3. Potential of Women Entrepreneurs in Brazil, Russia, India and China: A Comparison of Gendered Based Entrepreneurial Activities
by Manu Sharma

4. Politicization of Education in Nigeria: Implications for National Transformation
by Nsemba Edward Lenshie

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International Journal of Mainstream Social Science (IJMSS) is a multidisciplinary peer-reviewed biannual journal devoted to publishing research papers in all related fields of social sciences. The Journal invites the submission of manuscripts in anthropology, sociology, human geography, economics, history, environmental studies, business administration, home science, public health, political science, and demography.

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