Nagra/PSI Chemical Thermodynamic Data Base 01/01

by Wolfgang Hummel


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The Nagra/PSI Chemical Thermodynamic Data Base 01/01 is an encyclopedia of thermodynamic data recommended for environmental studies. The data base focuses on elements commonly found as major solutes in natural waters, and on actinides and fission products relevant for radioactive waste disposal projects. It is the official chemical thermodynamic data base used in Swiss radioactive waste disposal projects. The detailed discussion of every number recommended in this encyclopedia is the result of a multi man-year project of the Paul Scherrer Institut (PSI), a Swiss National Lab. The five authors of this work have many years of experience in research, data base development and the application of thermodynamic data in environmental studies. The data included for many elements are based on their reviews of the basic literature. In addition, the data base includes additional data selected by the authors from recommendations of other experts in ground water geochemistry and of the international data base project of the Nuclear Energy Agency (NEA).

This encyclopedic report is indispensable for every scientist working in the field of environmental studies as the source of information on the quality of the thermodynamic data governing particular problems in environmental geochemistry, especially those concerned with the fate of hazardous substances. This enables graduate students, researchers and consultants, as well as regulators and reviewers of scientific papers to assess the scientific basis of environmental modeling studies. The encyclopedia can be used as a stand-alone source of knowledge but ample references are provided for readers who wish to go beyond the level of discussion in the book. An electronic version of the database and a database management program is available for download at our homepage ( View or Post a Review at


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