A Comprehensive Look into the Mind and Soul of the Sex Offender with Sex Offender Case Studies and the Recidivism Challenge

by G. Cledwyn Jenkins, PhD, D.Min
  • Number of Pages: 324
  • ISBN-10: 1599426021
  • ISBN-13: 9781599426020
  • Publisher: BrownWalker Press
  • Year: 2020
  • Category: Social Science, Psychology

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Banished presents a detailed review of the sex offender; the pedophile and the child molester, and directly explores his thinking processes, reasoning and related issues that offer a clear and concise expos in these most hated people. In addition to covering the adult offender, this work also exemplifies the thought processes of child and adolescent offenders in order to offer cues for parents and educators of possible abuse or illicit behavior. Through direct examples of client art, case histories and offender testimonies, the books purpose will surely educate, as well as in purposing methods for positive change in the process.

The research and findings are based on a journalistic foundation, as well as from an experiential point-of-view, where the author had worked with and had interviewed the subjects exemplified in the case studies section directly. One could view this book as a documentary in text form to that of a simple scientific assessment or expos.

Some examples; such as statistical data and related state and government laws, national and international legal information, as well as properly devised case study examples are utilized to help illustrate the intent of the books overall purpose. Moreover, because there are sections regarding internet deviancy and its major influence on the human psyche, and that these sections offer raw information, the reader should be aware of the content and the reasoning for using it. It is done so to educate and to hopefully illustrate the realities of this global problem.

In addition to a selection of thoroughly researched interviews with said offenders, in the form of case studies reminiscent to the current style of the American Psychological Association (APA) formats, I also highlight a selection of documented artwork, specifically by children and young adults while working as a therapist in various hospitals. This section may serve as an alert for parents and educators for possible cues of sexual abuse in or outside of the home, but such will also illustrate the sheer potency sexual abuse can cause upon its victims, and how it will be viewed from their unconscious psyche and conscious viewpoints.

REVIEWS and Words of Praise

A scholarly work deserving particular attention from all behavioral specialists and human services personnel. Banished offers superb examples of how sexual divergence interferes with normal development and threatens society as a result. A most needed and timely body of research that will assist medical and legal professionals equally.
--Dr. J. Johannes Petersen McAddam, Ph.D., Professor emeritus, Consultant at Soulful Expressions: Art Survey and Psychological Consulting, Lytchett Minster, Dorset, United Kingdom

Having worked with this population in both the Continental United States and Puerto Rico, I can say that the author has an excellent background with this form of therapy, especially in understanding the sex offender as a client. The case studies sections are strongly important for understanding these people and what to expect from them. Well done!
--Esperanza Cavallo-Voss, M.S., Former social worker, Princeton Hospital (1990-96), Orlando, Florida

Banished is packed with information that the public needs to know. Its a dissection of the offenders mental, emotional and spiritual makeup that should give the reader a chance to see what is usually locked behind prison doors, or misrepresented by television programs. This is a very disturbing, but also very interesting addition to the mental health field.
--Bryant W. Garrick, M.S., CAC (cand) (Tampa, Florida)

From the perspective of the nursing profession, BANISHED is written with specific information that the nursing professional needs to know. The historical layout as well as detailed explanations, leads the reader into the offenders mental, emotional and spiritual makeup. With nursing being on the frontline of assessing individuals through their lifetime, BANISHED offers an excellent resource for the mental evaluation of young children in their early development in order to possibly break the cycle of sexual abuse. Fantastic resource for the nursing profession especially for the advanced nurse practitioners who provide primary care to children.
Lois J. Trudeau, RN, CNM, MS, Maj, USAF (Ret.) Former Associate Professor of Nursing, Victor Valley College View or Post a Review at

About the Author

G. Cledwyn Jenkins holds doctorates in counseling psychology and pastoral counseling with emphases in the expressive arts as a therapy; including Jungian, Gestalt, and Existentialism, person-centered (intermodal) therapies, psychological testing and statistics. He holds a Doctor of Ministry, which focuses on grief counseling and issues of pastoral thanatology. He is formally certified in Expressive Arts Therapy with the National Expressive Arts Association and is currently a freelance artist and instructor with Soulful Expressions: Art Survey and Psychological Consulting.


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