How Winning Leaders Close Performance Gaps, 5th Anniversary Edition
by Mark Thienes and Brian Brockhoff


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  • ISBN-10: 1627340300
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  • Year: 2015
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Gapology is the term Mark Thienes and Brian Brockhoff coined to describe what winning leaders do to identify and close performance gaps in their teams. Gapology is their process.

For more than a decade, they analyzed the results, leadership behaviors and tactics of winning leaders as compared to those of leaders who were not winning. They wanted to understand how winning leaders win and if winning could be replicated. They were deeply curious about whether winning can be taught to those not winning or if winning leaders are simply born with the skills to win. As they interviewed and documented their conversations with winning leaders they found commonalities. The most amazing was that all performance gaps are either; Knowledge Gaps, Importance Gaps, Action Gaps, or some combination of the three.

Gapology provides the keys to unlock these mysteries in the form of nine root solutions that, when applied intentionally, close the performance gaps quickly and permanently.

Gapology is for all leaders, regardless of the size of the team, business or industry in which they work. As long as people are being led, Gapology is needed.

These discoveries are now at your fingertips! Achieve your full potential with Gapology!

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About the Author

Mark Thienes' identity as a "results driven, developer of people who lives every day as a servant leader" drives his passion for helping leaders achieve their greatest potential. His experiential journey encompasses over thirty-five years of success as an industry-leading executive and has resulted in two books, Gapology: How Winning Leaders Close Performance Gaps and IMBAR: The Pathway of Transformation.

In his first book, Gapology, Mark proudly refers to himself as �the original Gapologist.� Through his research for the book and subsequent coaching sessions, he has transformed the leadership of literally thousands of winning leaders. Mark has gained incredible insight into their secrets of winning. Gapology�the formula of closing the Knowledge Gap, then the Importance Gap, and then the Action Gap�resulted from listening to and observing winning leaders in action.

This curiosity about winning leaders and the chronicling of their wins and losses led him to the discovery of the IMBAR pathway and the connection between personal and professional Identity and Results.

Brian Brockhoff has led and mentored teams of diverse business leaders for over thirty years and is responsible for the creation and design of numerous skill-development programs. He also designed and coauthored Gapology: How Winning Leaders Close Performance Gaps and IMBAR: The Pathway of Transformation with Mark Thienes, as well as a book of weekly inspirations based on the principles described in Gapology entitled, Gapology Inspirations.

Listen to Mark and Brian discuss the power of Gapology and IMBAR on their weekly podcast series, �Gapology Radio�, found on your favorite podcast platform. (iTunes/Spotify/Google Play). Also follow them on social media (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram).


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