Research Methodology for Master Students of Literature

Overcoming the Lure to Plagiarize with Strategies to Avoid

by Fouad Mami

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This text presupposes that in many cases plagiarism results from poor training and a confused perception of what is involved in research. The textbook is addressed to non-native English-speaking students and their instructors, principally those seeking degrees in literature. Through a close examination of what initially seems to be the self-evident 'facts' of research--those presumed simple steps in the multilayered research process that are usually glossed over in research methodology courses--students will become less confused about what the research practically involves and more empowered to work on their first serious research project with confidence and clarity.


This textbook offers a diagnosis of the disease of illicit borrowings undermining the Masters students research. I can only congratulate Fouad Mami for this textbook, which I am sure will help students and teachers alike to question their pedagogical practice.
Boutheldja Riche, University of Mouloud Mammeri Tizi-Ouzou, (Algeria)

At once a precious source of information and a tongue-in-cheek send-up of the criterion of originality, Mamis textbook treats plagiarism and the strategies to avoid this plight before it even occurs.
Djamel Benadla, University of Dr. Moulay Tahar Saida, (Algeria)

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About the Author

Fouad Mami is a scholar at the Department of English, University of Ahmed Draia Adrar (Algeria). He graduated with a doctorate from the University of Algiers in 2010. His research has been featured in Amerikastudien/American Studies; The Journal of North African Studies; Clio: A Journal of Literature, History, and the Philosophy of History and other no less intense outlets. Methodology for Master Students of Literature: Overcoming the Lure to Plagiarize with Strategies to Avoid aims at galvanizing Masters students to undertake their dissertations and other research assignments with tenacity and grace.


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