Neuro-Ed Assessments and Screeners

Quick and Highly Effective Assessments of Common Disorders for Children and Adolescents

by Dr. Peter Thompson and Dodi Poulos
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Neuro-Ed Assessment and Screeners are fast and effective assessment forms for busy mental health and educational professionals. These practical assessments were created by practitioners who know the needs of professionals working in the field. The purpose of these assessments is to evaluate school-aged students for various disorders and difficulties as quickly and accurately as possible. These screeners provide a 360- degree view of a student's problem by utilizing parent, staff, and student rating forms. Professionals can choose individual 'one-page' screeners for the most common disorders such as anxiety, depression, ADHD, executive function, autism, learning disabilities, processing speed, memory and social / emotional learning problems in less than five minutes per form.

Table of Contents
About the Authors
* Chapter 1: Design, Development, and Foundation
* Chapter 2: Neuro-Ed Rating Scales
* Summary: How to score
* Chapter 3: Evidence for Validity
* Chapter 4: Reliability / Stability
* Q&A
* Resources and Citations

Section II: Neuro-Ed Forms for Usage
A) Anxiety and ADHD rating assessment forms
* Anxiety Forms Scoring Instructions
* Anxiety Rating Scale - Parent Form
* Anxiety Rating Scale - Self Form
* Anxiety Rating Scale Presentation Graph
* Anxiety Rating Scales Staff Form
* Attention Deficit Rating Scale - Parent

* Autism Rating Scales and Depression Rating Scales
* Attention Deficit Rating Scales Score Presentation Graph
* Attention Deficit Rating Scales Scoring Instructions
* Attention Deficit Rating Scale-Self Report or Interview
* Attention Deficit Rating Scale-Staff Form

* Autism Rating Scale Staff and Parent Forms
* Autism Rating Scales Scoring Instructions
* Autism Rating Screening Score Graph
* Depression Rating Scale Parent Form
* Depression Rating Scale Presentation Graph
* Depression Rating Scale Scoring Instructions
* Depression Rating Scale Self Form
* Depression Rating Scale Staff Form

B) Executive Function and Learning Disability Assessment Forms
* Executive Function Presentation Graph
* Executive Function Rating Scales- Parent Form
* Executive Function Rating Scales Scoring Instructions
* Executive Function Rating Scales Self- Form or Interview
* Executive Function Rating Scales Staff Form
* Learning Disability Rating Scale Score Presentation Graph
* Learning Disability Rating Scale Staff Form
* Learning Disability Rating Scale-Parent Form
* Learning Disability Rating Scales Scoring Instructions
* Learning Disability Rating Scale-Student Form v2
* Learning Disability Rating Scale-Student Form

C) Memory and Processing Speed Assessments Forms
* Memory Rating Scale Parent Form
* Memory Rating Scale Presentation Graph
* Memory Rating Scale Self or Interview
* Memory Rating Scale Staff Form
* Memory Rating Scales Scoring Instructions
* Processing Speed Rating Scales Parent Form
* Processing Speed Rating Scales Presentation Graph
* Processing Speed Rating Scales Scoring Instructions
* Processing Speed Rating Scales Self or Interview Form
* Processing Speed Rating Scales Staff Form

D) Social Emotional Behavioral Rating Scales and the Social Emotional Learning Scales Forms
* N-SEBRS Rating Scales Scoring Instructions
* N-SELA Rating Scales Scoring Instructions
* Social Emotional Behavior Learning Self Report
* Social Emotional Behavior Rating Parent Form
* Social Emotional Behavior Rating Scales Presentation Graph
* Social Emotional Behavior Rating Self Report or Interview
* Social Emotional Behavior Rating Staff Form
* Social Emotional Behavioral Learning Parent
* Social Emotional Behavioral Learning Presentation Graph
* Social Emotional Behavioral Learning Staff Form


The Neuro-Ed rating scales give educators the opportunity to quickly identify student difficulties in the areas of anxiety, depression, social skills, and attention. These scales provide an efficient and effective screen for identification of problematic areas.
--Sandi Rohde, MSW, License Clinical Social Worker

The Neuro-Ed rating scales are extremely quick and very helpful identifying student difficulties. For example, I use the Anxiety ratings scales to screen for students that may experience social or emotional difficulties related to stress intolerance. This assessment accurately identifies student needs in half the time when compared to other tools I have administered. The information provided by the Neuro-Ed rating scale is precise and invaluable.
--Amy Freeman, MSW, Licensed Social Worker

Using the Neuro-Ed Autism Screener has been quick, effective, and reliable when working with students and teachers. It is an invaluable tool that helps guide clinical and practical thinking. I would recommend it to anyone as it is user friendly and efficient.
--Shana Fraley, License Speech Language Pathologist View or Post a Review at

About the Author

Peter Thompson, Ed.S., Ph.D. Dr. Thompson was named School Psychologist of the Year in the state of Colorado by the Colorado Society of School Psychologists. Dr. Thompson holds multiple advanced degrees in educational psychology, school psychology, and a doctorate in psychology with a school neuropsychology concentration. Dr. Thompson was the coordinator for the Traumatic Brain Injury Team and Lead Threat Assessment Trainer for Douglas County School District in Colorado. He is a licensed school psychologist and he is a national speaker on pediatric neurocognitive disorders. Dr. Thompson is the author of several publications, most notably the School Psychology Licensure Exam Guide 1st-4th Editions. In addition to several professional publications, he is a major contributing author for the Colorado Department of Educations Brain Injury Manual for Educators and the primary creator of the neuro-cognitive assessment model used by the Colorado Dept. of Education.

Dodi Poulos Ms. Poulos is a highly acclaimed 29-year veteran classroom teacher, facilitator, and a recognized expert in student support interventions. As a student intervention team leader, Ms. Poulos created and implemented one of the most effective Multi-Tiered System of Supports (MTSS) programs in Colorado. Ms. Poulos utilizes her expertise for developing and implementing data-driven curriculum, frameworks, and sustainable systems to support and engage every students learning style and ability. As a coordinator for MTSS, she helped to manage educational initiatives and direct student interventions at the school and district level. Ms. Poulos currently holds licenses in Colorado and Arizona and with her role and leadership as a Social Emotional Learning Specialist, she supports staff, students, and families within the district. She provides social and emotional assessment and intervention consultation for all stakeholders in the diverse school community.


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